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About ODCC

Oil Design and Construction Company HSE Policy Statement
Oil Design and Construction Company (ODCC) has been incorporated with the sole objective of having an active & comprehensive presence in the fields of engineering services presentation, provision, construction & installation of infrastructure and facilities, pertaining to oil, gas and petrochemical industry.
Encouragement and support of health, safety and mental welfare and comfort of the organization personnel in the working places and whoever is related in any circumstances to the organizational activities, and also prevention of the emission and release of the pollutants in the environment, are of the pivotal and main principles of our organization.

Our Strategies:
  1. Develop and implementation of Health, Safety and Environment Management System (HSE-MS) and establish “Continual Improvement” methods in HSE-MS.
  2. Identification of hazards and sources of pollutants in the working places and evaluation, elimination or control of hazards.
  3. Establish a health, safety and environment management system set forth by the requirements of international standards of ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007.
  4. Provision of required training courses in order to promote and increase the knowledge of all personnel and define their roles and responsibilities in relation to HSE-MS.
  5. Promote HSE culture and knowledge among personnel in the working places and whoever is related in any circumstances to the organizational activities, and encourage them to play effective roles in improvement of HSE-MS in the organization.
  6. Create an open atmosphere for a constructive communication among all interested parties in organization activities such as mangers, personnel, clients and vendors.
  7. Optimum use of energy and resources and minimizing wastes and losses.
  8. Continuous assessment and audit of performances in order to review and continual improvement of the policy, procedures and plans of HSE-MS.
We believe that commitment to this policy is an ethical and moral responsibility and performing the designed plans in detail in addition to furnish the health and safety of the personnel and protection of environment, will have positive influence on productivity and increase the quality level of the services and activities of the organization.
We have a common responsibility in saving human lives, environment and national assets, so all colleagues are expected to do their best for the achievement of these goals.